Welcome to Ecogardens

Our guiding principle is to advance the modern conception of ecology, create sustainable urban habitats, and provide our clients with beautiful and innovative outdoor spaces.

We believe in creating harmony between people, plants, animals and infrastructure, minimizing human impact and maximizing viable living space for all.

Guided by our passion for helping the Earth, we live by a few basic values:



Holistic Design

urban ecology projects that support people, places and wildlife in challenging spaces


Close Collaboration

an opportunity with every project to green your space and forge ecological partnerships

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Beyond the Color

a well-rounded vision of nature that transforms our current understanding of “green”


100% Midwest Grown

more than three decades of experience creating sustainable Midwestern landscapes


Expert Consulting

your questions answered by experienced team members on location … probably with coffee (and yes, that IS one of those reusable cups with the weird rubber lids; who do you even think we are?)

Our mission is to serve you ... while serving the world.

Should you ever need anything, we invite you to reach out to us. Our friendly team of humans + robots will get back to you ASAP.

In the meantime ...

When you work with Ecogardens, you can help minimize the damage done by human activity and integrate your urban space more fully into the world’s ecology.

Side note: You get the added benefit of increased outdoor leisure space or a darn nice view from that upper-story window.

We’re guessing that sounds pretty good to you, but you might still be wondering:

What’s the Ecogardens Difference?

It’s simple. We move past the tired limitations and narrow thinking. Through innovative materials, groundbreaking ideas, world-class design principles and good old-fashioned spitballing, we’ll come up with something amazing … together.

At the end of the day, we believe everyone has a right to a happy, healthy home – and yes, “everyone” includes bees, birds and even the occasional squirrel.

Okay, a lot of squirrels.

When we work together, you get to feel good about doing your part.

Not only do our urban spaces provide you a little slice of tranquility in an otherwise busy city, you make a significant contribution to the health of the Earth.

You get to increase the health of its plants and animals, air and waterways. You help reduce our collective footprint, ensuring it’s not any larger than it has to be. You begin to live more lightly on this land, even if it is covered with concrete and asphalt.

Because cities don’t have to be wastelands. They don’t have to be gray and cold and lifeless.

They can bloom. They can grow. They can nurture.

We can help.

You are unique.

Your company has its own approach to the world, its own philosophy and flair. Each little microclimate here in Chicago and the surrounding Midwest is composed of a million weather patterns, plants, animals and ecological interactions.

The takeaway? Cookie cutter doesn’t work. The one-size-fits-all solution just means everyone’s fit is a little off. Or a lot off. And that just won’t do.

At Ecogardens, our partnerships are uniquely customized, tailored to each client to maximize both their satisfaction and the careful stewardship we bring to your space. Our mission is to align with your values while preserving Nature in all her glory … right here in the urban environment.


Our 3-Step Process

How a company works is nearly as important as what they do and why they do it.

Well, our how is pretty simple. Partnering with us involves a three-step process: Design, Build, Steward.

At each step of the way, we engage in active dialogue with you, ensuring we meet your expectations while also leveraging our expertise to the utmost.

No longer do you have to pore over elaborate spreadsheets and scratch your head, or stand back and watch as someone simply rolls out a sedum mat and charges you Rolls Royce prices for it. 

Instead, we offer …

Our only goal is to create the ecologically friendly space that you deserve.

A space that decreases your organization’s or family’s footprint on the world. That we help you steward and maintain, never abandoning you, watching as that space grows greener with time, rather than fading into disrepair.

When you look at an Ecogardens site, one year or ten years later, you will see an urban terrain still very much in step with nature. Plain and simple.

When you partner with us, you will receive:


Unparalleled Attention

We offer collaborative planning and a completely customized design, with careful implementation, down to the last detail.

We do a thorough walkthrough before final delivery, with ongoing availability for questions or service after project completion.


And let's not lie, we also offer the occasional squirrel joke (come on, they’re just funny).

At the end of the day, our goal is to create a space that ties you a little closer to the natural world.

We want to generate that emotional response we all get when looking at Lake Michigan or Millennium Park: a sense of calm amidst the controlled chaos. Lower blood pressure. Peace of mind.

The knowledge that you’re not just partnership with us … you’re partnering with Nature herself.

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