To do so, we follow a clear vision and always strive to live within our values.

Hopefully, you share some of that vision and at least a few of those values. Let’s find out …

Our Vision

At Ecogardens, we are charged to find the solutions that make the world a better place. Now, we know the expression “make the world a better place” is worth about as much as a piece of penny candy these days. But we actually have a plan for doing it.

See, our goal is and always has been to change the perception of our place in the world. Too often, the issue is cast as Us Versus Ecology, but that’s not the case. It’s not a zero-sum game; when we live and move in time to nature, everyone wins.

(Especially the ducks and squirrels. Because they just really like our green roofs.)

That is exactly our vision: to help create a world where that’s not only possible, but commonplace.


Reshaping Form + Function

We do not believe that an eco-friendly environment must be colored green top-to-bottom and end-to-end.

Nature comes in many lovely shades, which is why we ask big questions such as:

* What functions do our green roofs serve other than beauty?

* What lies beyond the sedum mat?

* How can we grow a natural habitat from seed, the healthiest and longest-lasting way to do it, but make it beautiful in the meantime?

* How can we solve the unique challenges of each client?

At Ecogardens, we are driven to find the answers to these questions, then pose even more questions and answer them as well. Our vision is to fight complacency, now and in the future. It is to steward the environment outside our cities, but especially within its borders. It is to bring plants and animals back within arm’s reach and make them want to stay.

It is to reintegrate humanity into the natural world from which it came, and create a new narrative of Man vs. Nature.

Not least because that narrative is so totally sexist. Time for a new story.

Green is all about assessing the life cycle of a product or technique from cradle to grave to determine whether it truly has the lowest possible impact.

Our believe is that the world needs products that last a good while, that are suited to their purpose so they don’t create additional strain on the environment, and that require a minimum amount of inputs over time. We bring this mindset to the gamut of our projects, from the coziest residential rooftop garden to the broadest sweep of restored wetland.

We are proud to adhere to the highest values in every project, every design and every interaction. The code we live by includes:



Our mission encompasses respect to people, plants, animals and even the urban infrastructure to which our civilization owes so much. With every design, ribbon cutting and ongoing relationship, we strive to stay true to our moral and ethical principles.



The world is a web of epic complexity. From our Chicago headquarters to our projects in Detroit and St. Louis, from roof tops to storm drains, everything hinges on everything else. We believe the right relationships are key to environmental harmony, which is why we work endlessly to create synergy between humanity and the natural world.



No business thrives that is built on a foundation of dishonesty or naked commerce. But don’t worry, we chose better building materials: transparency, fairness, responsibility and truth. You can count on it.



From the humblest time-honored gardening techniques to the most cutting edge rooftop media, we are on it. If there’s something new and interesting to be found and implemented, Ecogardens is probably in the know. And if we’re not, we would love you to tell us; we’re never too proud to learn.



Every person, place and thing deserves a place of belonging. We would extend that to every blade of grass, every wildflower, every hawk and every native fly. The environments we build and shepherd serve everyone, from the most important CEO to the lowliest ant. We’re sure there’s a Buddhist reference in here, right? We are like SO zen, you guys.



From the first phone call to the most recent maintenance checkup, we stay in touch not only with you, but with the urban environment we’ve helped create for you. Call or email any time and put us to the test.

Our cities are centers of industry, thriving hubs of human accomplishment and innovation.

Culture swirls from the doorways of museums and cafes, living rooms and dance studios, colleges and community centers.

Despite this, we as a species haven’t yet perfected living in harmony with our surroundings. It is a subtle art, and the citizens of Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis … well, you get the picture … are no exception.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to help, though.

We take an approach of controlled chaos, creating natural beauty and synergistic relationships within the urban jungle.

Decades of ecological design experience, backed by science.

… not to mention fueled by the kind of enthusiasm normally reserved for hockey games or deep-dish.

It’s not in our nature to bluff. Well, except in poker. (Who says you can’t win Hold’em with a pair of 7s?)

When it comes to the environment, though, we’re the real deal. We have years of experience beginning with lakeshore management, progressing through urban landscaping and green roofing, and emerging into full-fledged ecological design.


Holistic Strategies

Ecogardens seeks every possible opportunity to protect our native species and water tables, transform barren zones into lush landscapes and preserve the only planet we have.

… Quit bitching, you Mars One folks. As of now, it’s still true.

Whether you want to collaborate on a project or are curious to learn more about our products and systems, we’d love to tell you more about our holistic strategies for naturalizing the urban environment.

Call or email, and if we can’t answer immediately, we’ll do so as soon as possible. Right after the pizza.

Flexibility matters.

Think aerial yoga. Twister. Gumby dolls. Stretch Armstrong. Spider silk. Marriage.

Someone had to say it.

But nowhere is flexibility more important than when it comes to building living systems that withstand the test of time.

Like you or me, urban ecology is delicate and sensitive to its surroundings. Successful ecological design is all about capturing and distilling the right principles for a particular site, using the correct tools to advance your goals, evolving with the system over time and stewarding it well into the future.

Like, we’re talking the Your Children Are Grandparents future.

Or the We Live on Saturn’s Moons Now future.

Possibly even the Combined Sewer Overflows Are a Thing of the Past But We’re Still Into Stormwater Management Because We’re Just That Cool future.

… hey, Ecogardens can dream, right?

Point being, if you want to stride boldly into that bright destiny, it takes the right process. A unique process, for your unique requirements. A process that has "you" written all over it.


A Customizable Approach

We make sure that each system we create can handle the demands of the site and the system, as well as the natural changes that time brings to all three.

You probably saw this coming, but we boast just such a process. Below are some of the ways we routinely help our favorite people … and by that we mean, the people who help us make the world a greener place every day.

If you need something that’s not on our site, we invite you to ask us anyway.

We can probably help you out – and if not, we can at least ridicule your dreams and comment on how unlikely they are ever to be accomplished while sarcastically high-fiving one another.

No. Kidding. We meant “refer you to someone in our extensive network of urban ecology contacts to make sure you get the help you need.”


But for now, how about you just take a look and see what you think? We’re guessing there’s a partnership here, so check it out.



We seek synchronicity in everything we do. From the first meeting or the first site visit, we listen carefully and express ourselves clearly. The goal: to learn as much as possible about you, your site and your needs before we go any further.



Whether you want a green roof, a living wall or a rainwater harvesting system, we work to create the best system for that specific site. We take into account your goals; the needs of the rooftop, garden or wetland; and the options at our disposal. We’ll walk you through components, plants and design schemes so that you feel confident in the choice you make.



Your site and aesthetic dictate an individualized, uniquely-you process and result. Before building your project, we plan it carefully from the ground up – pun intended. Then we submit a design proposal and estimated budget, incorporate your feedback and wait for your go-ahead before we plant even one teeny seed.



Our construction process is straightforward. We execute each design plan with the utmost respect for your schedule and for the safety of the building, people, animals and the surrounding environment.



When it comes to living systems, we’re never really done. We believe in ongoing stewardship to keep the ecosystem healthy and respond to its changing needs. To that end, we will assess your landscape or green roof on an ongoing basis, helping you make the best decisions for the long-term evolution of your space.



Any project, from complete green roofs down to the smallest rain garden, is only as good as the materials sourced to build it. Our years of expertise with sustainable materials, along with our ongoing research into new technologies, guarantee our hand-selected materials will perfectly complement each job. Need a product? Just call us.



If you need less than full start-to-finish contracting but more than product recommendations, we’re happy to offer our expertise on a consulting basis. We’ll help you answer the tough questions and make the best decisions for each site, holding your hand as much or as little as you need. (Because while we really like holding hands, we still want you to set the pace.)

When we depart this Earth, we leave behind the memory

of how lightly we tread upon it.

What kinds of legacies do we want to leave as a population? As corporate entities? As individuals?

Since 2006, we have helped others leave the right legacies by devising low-impact, sustainable green roofs, stormwater and landscaping solutions.

Our life’s work is based on a dual responsibility to the earth and our clients, and trust that we will deliver the best possible solution with the least possible environmental burden.


A Sustainable Future

Today, Greg and team operate on the belief that sustainability begins when you choose from among our diverse services to satisfy your unique aesthetic and practical needs.

It continues as we research, innovate and utilize the latest industry technologies to bring you the perfect blend of form and function, environment and enjoyment.


The project it is fully realized when we hand your new sanctuary off to you with a promise to return, again and again, to maintain the trust you’ve placed in us. So maybe we can pick just one word after all:


To our own ideals. To the planet. To you.

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