you don’t always have all the answers

If you’re a landscape architect, a civil engineer or anyone else in the green building space, then we know you have a considerable degree of expertise.

The problem is, sometimes your clients require you to have all the answers … and you don’t. You’re just one person, after all. If you had to know everything, when would you find time for long walks on the beach at sunset and Sopranos reruns?

Good news: Now you don’t have to.

We’re here to help.

You might have a pretty good handle on a project, but can’t seem to answer a few questions about the green roof assembly. Maybe you know exactly what you want to do at a site, but aren’t sure which materials will enable you to do it best. Or possibly, you’ve got the products and the muscle covered, but you want someone with knowhow to guide you through each step of a daunting project.

Have fun with that!

We’ll just be over here, keeping our heads down, doing what we do best: Designing beautiful urban spaces that embrace the natural world while meeting the needs of humankind … What? Oh, for sure.

We can totally help you out too.


30 Years of Solutions

We’re here to provide you with individualized help designing solutions that speak to the immediate needs of your project.

See, we’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of approaches, and we know firsthand how many different solutions exist to every problem.

Without bragging (ahem), we don’t know many people who can match our level of expertise when it comes to designing living systems within urban borders. 

We’re here to help you find them, by bringing you as much information as possible and helping you make the most educated decisions. Here's all we'll say:

If you’re looking for products and solutions, do yourself a favor and speak to an expert who’s used them before.

It doesn’t have to be us – although hey, we are right here – but it’s always smart to seek the advice of a professional before embracing a new green roof component or growing media.

The truth is, few flashy gadgets or nice business cards can stand up to more than 30 years in the industry, which is what we bring to the table. The value is there in each conversation and each decision and is reflected in each site upon completion … and for years to come.

When you have a problem that needs to be solved, we’re here for you.

(BTW, we also have flashy gadgets and nice business cards. Just so you know.)

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