Structural and Horticultural Stewardship on West Town Rooftop

Original Chicago Green Roof Program Grantee | Elevated Koi Pond in Extensive Green Roof Surroundings

Chicago Roof Garden by Ecogardens-2.jpg

One of our greatest sources of pride here at Ecogardens is that we don’t simply complete a job and dust off our hands. No, we then take care of it for life. This West Town rooftop garden is the perfect example.

When we took it on 8 years ago, it had been improperly installed and neglected by its builders, so it needed a complete overhaul. Once we stabilized the ecosystem, we then turned our attention to other features, slowly but surely transforming it into the client’s perfect vision.

Since then, we have added porcelain pavers on pedestals, installed a koi pond and achieved what we (humbly) think is a perfect plant balance. Though of course, that may change – and we’ll be here when it does.

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