Nature Meets Amenity

Designed as an Homage to Landscape Designer Piet Oudolf | Putting Pollinators at Heart

Suitsupply chicago roof garden by Ecogardens-8 copy.jpg

Suitsupply desired an homage to Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf, the genius responsible for both Lurie Garden and Battery Park in New York.

The result? This 5th-floor project still ranks as one of our favorites here at Ecogardens, both because of the incredible visual appeal and because of the significant environmental benefits offered.

To accomplish our goals, we chose plants in masculine color tones, planting them in dense groups to provide a lush, controlled chaos. We used mostly natives, even getting them to live in 4-6 inches of soil … a true accomplishment in the green roofing world.

Our prairie plants acclimatized to no more than 8-10 inches of soil, resulting in a waving grassland several stories up – perfect for pollinators. With low-volume drip irrigation and plenty of space for entertaining, the result was a true outdoor oasis.

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