Working with the city to make Orland Park greener

1,600 Feet of Green Roof | Almost 100% Native Plants


When considering a green roof for its municipal building, the Village of Orland Park first solicited proposals from private companies. Then Ecogardens created a novel proposal: We would play consultant and vendor, but Orland Park would supply personnel.

The result was 1,600 feet of green roof with 300 feet of amenity space, led by the Ecogardens team but implemented by the city’s Parks Department.

With an almost completely local plant palette and a prototype high-efficiency water retention layer, the roof represents the cutting edge in sustainable design. The retention layer can hold up to 90 percent of its weight in water, while the perimeter boasts plants growing happily in as little as 3 inches of media. The result: a light, flexible roof with applications for all types of buildings.

The roof also offers a wealth of data. We’re currently monitoring temperature, weather, evapotranspiration, cooling effects of the roof, water retention and the visual environment. That’s how we know the birds have already arrived in force … and are bound to keep coming!

Best of all, the project was an opportunity to impart our knowledge to public personnel, who can now carry those skills into the future in creating green infrastructure to benefit their city and the world.

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