A Slice of Green Seen from the Art Institute of Chicago

Designed as an Homage to Lurie Garden | Excellent Performance in 4-6 Inches of Media


When Lurie Garden brought Ecogardens in to install a green roof on their maintenance building, we quickly decided to design it as a nod to the garden itself, which is intensive in its own right.

We brought a lot of the same species of plants seen in the garden, but asked these plants to perform in only 4-6 inches of media. That alone was a challenge, but it was also a good experiment to see how resilient a lot of these plants are.

Through the project, we worked with Lurie Garden’s chief horticulturalist to design a truly stunning installation. Our hope is that the maintenance staff of Lurie Garden enjoy their own little patch of rooftop paradise as much as those who view it from the Art Institute of Chicago.

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