A Science Experiment for Students … and Ecogardens

Incorporated Teaching Elements | Utilized Woodland Plants, A True Rarity in Green Roofing


Latin middle was a green roof in failing health when Ecogardens pulled it off of life support and nursed it back to glory. The roof couldn’t support much weight, so we had to use a minimum of soil, meaning we relied heavily on fabric to supplement the moisture needs of plants.

Due to the sheltered area – the green roof was sunk into an atrium amongst school buildings – we were able to expand the hardiness zones of the plants we used.

Let’s just say this: Rarely have we seen ferns on a green roof! Add to that a few scientific probes showing moisture content, roof temperature and more, and these kiddos had a nice little science experiment as well as a stormwater-fighting machine.

(For that matter, Ecogardens also enjoys monitoring the progress of this truly unique microhabitat.)

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