Beautiful Reds, Greens and Yellows on Formerly Bare Roofs

Built in Two Phases | Established Entirely with Cuttings

Lake Forest High School Green Roof by Ecogardens.jpg

The Lake Forest High School project consists of two roofs, one 50 percent covered with green and the other 100 percent with wall-to-wall green roofing.

We built the roof in two phases, establishing it entirely with cuttings rather than plants. Using cuttings taken from mature plants but not rooted themselves makes for a very economically priced roof that performed nicely under care.

Both roofs perform stormwater services as well, helping to retain both rainwater and snowmelt, then release it back into the atmosphere at a controlled rate. Not only does this protect the building, it reduces the load on city sewers and other infrastructure.

Do you have a large green roof project with which you'd like help? Please let us know!