New Garden on a Very Old Property

Restored 100+ Year Old Building | Stormwater Services and Pollinator Planting


The Douglas Old Schoolhouse in Douglas, Michigan is one of Ecogardens’ proudest accomplishments. The trustees and residents of this maritime museum came to us wanting a means of managing the rainwater that sloughed off their property as well as an educational setting for visitors to the museum.

We provided both in the form of a rain garden filled with native plantings, as well as a pollinator garden to attract bees, flies and other species on which we rely for 75 percent of our food. The result is a garden filled with columbines, rhododendrons and other species, providing a natural feel in this historical setting.

We also installed the permeable pavers that create this open courtyard. In doing so, we transformed a so-so swath of ground into an eye-catching space perfect for tours, events and other gatherings.

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