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Our mission is to advance sustainable principles by inventing urban spaces in step with nature™
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Green Roofs

Layers of living vegetation installed on a rooftop. Each system differs by the depth of growing media used to support plant life. Key considerations include load-bearing capacity of the rooftop, waterproofing, drainage, and water storage systems, and strategic plant selection.

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Rooftop Gardens

Any number of garden styles located on a roof. These often include living spaces and walkways that replicate the comfort and scenery of a traditional garden, with the added appeal of a sky view.

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Landscape Installations

Stylized garden installations for front and back yards. Complimenting our expertise with plant media, these hardscapes include decks, patios, and walkways.

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Sustainable Landscape Maintenance

A scientific approach to caring for landscapes as ecosystems. By understanding the interactions of soils, plants, insects, and animals, we can better address the needs of landscapes, thereby minimizing maintenance and energy consumption.

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Rain Gardens

A shallow depression designed to absorb stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces such as roofs and driveways. These capture pollutants from within the runoff, thereby reducing the harmful materials returning to urban waterways.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Any number of methods to capture and store rainwater. The water can then be reused to water landscapes and complete other household tasks.

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Low Volume and Drip Irrigation Systems

Irrigation methods that direct water to plant roots and use SMART technologies to sense when water is needed. By operating efficiently, these reduce water use and fertilizer applications.

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Habitat Creation

Specific designs to shelter and feed birds, bees, butterflies, and other fauna. These serve as important sanctuaries for both native and migratory species of concern.

At the core of ecogardens mission is a dual responsibility, to the earth and to our clients.
We research and utilize the latest industry technologies.

To provide quality landscaping services that minimize environmental impact. Sustainability begins when a client chooses from among our diverse services to satisfy their unique artistic and functional needs.

For each step – Design, Build, and Maintain – we research and utilize the latest industry technologies and techniques to promote energy-efficiency, resource conservation and biodiversity.

We emphasize our green roof and rooftop garden services for their potential to expand outdoor living spaces and improve the quality of our environment. The results are landscapes as safe as they are attractive, to be enjoyed with a clear conscience and easy mind.

  • Our number one goal.

About the Founder

Greg is Owner and Founder of Ecogardens. He has owned and operated his own landscape firm for over 17 years, but in 2003 decided to start Ecogardens as a leading landscape firm dedicated to sustainability. Greg began his career at 16 when he mowed lawns. With a background in horticulture and landscape architecture, Greg refined his natural talent for design and soon opened up his own operation in 1986. Since then he has performed every imaginable landscape project (test him) from large-scale commercial landscapes and retaining walls to wetland mitigation and green roofs.
Thinking it as ultimately the responsible thing to do for community health, Greg started his third company, Ecogardens, in Chicago, a city touting itself as one of the “greenest” in the nation. Greg wants Ecogardens to leverage public awareness about environmental issues in Chicago and push for sustainable standards in the landscape industry.

Greg Raymond

Owner and Founder