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Urban Ecology

Knitting our cities together with the natural world is more critical than ever. Cities that open their arms to plants and animals are happier, healthier and longer-lasting, which is why our main focus is on doing just that. Learn more about:


Urban Ecology

Our Experimental Approach

What’s on Our Radar

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Stormwater Management

More than 120 billion gallons falls on a city the size of Chicago in an average year. That’s where stormwater management comes in – plus a few other systems to help manage rainfall, provide habitat and reinforce sustainable efforts in the urban environment.

Stormwater Management

Other Systems

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Green Roofs

One of the best ways to meld the urban and natural environments is to turn impermeable surfaces into thriving communities for plants, pollinators, birds, mammals, friendly microbes and even people – and green roofs do just that.

Why Green Roofs?

What Is “Green”?

What’s Our Process?

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Products and Consulting

Looking for a specific product or some dedicated help from people who know what’s what?

Products We Love

Consulting Services

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Learn More on the Blog

Follow along to find out more about urban ecology, stormwater management, green roofs and other environmentally friendly approaches to melding city and nature.

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