Year Completed: 2008
System: Extensive
Depth: 3”
Size: 70,000 sf
Plant Varieties: 7 plant varieties
Total Plants Used: 2500 lbs of un-rooted sedum cuttings and 50 lbs of supplemental seeds
Eco Highlights: Drainage layer is made from 100 % recycled running shoe soles; Will capture the first inch of rainfall in 1 hour (assuming the green roof is dry); Detains storm water runoff (even after saturated) which helps mitigate combined sewer overflow which pollutes lakes, rivers and streams; Helps mitigate the urban heat island effect; Provides habitat for insects and birds.

Chicago's Wal-Mart Supercenter supports one of the largest green roofs in the United States. Another partnership with Roofscapes, Inc., Sika-Sarnafil, and also EnviroScape, a second green roof installer, brought this project to life.

By growing all of the roof's plants from cuttings and seed, we saved time, money, and resources. Once installation was complete, Ecogardens was chosen to maintain the roof to ensure full and healthy growth. For information about building energy use and stormwater runoff, Wal-Mart provides real-time data on its website.